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MedLabs' scientific committee supported by the marketing department continuously produce informative scientific material for patients, physicians and the medical community at large. Key among these publications is the well- known guide to laboratory investigation – LabWise®. This on-hand manual guide to nearly all tests available in laboratory medicine (including all tests performed at MedLabs) has been a trusted reference for many doctors, specialists, nurses, medical technologists, and students since the first edition was published in 1996.


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Over the past fifteen years, MedLabs scientific and marketing committees have been building a library of simple, easy-to-read bilingual pamphlets (English & Arabic) for patients to read in our laboratories or to take home, covering topics that range from Anemia, to Vitamin deficiencies to Diabetes to Prenatal Care. These patient pamphlets are constantly revised and updated and new ones are periodically added, and have proved to be extremely popular with all our patients.

Pregnancy Information Tool

First Trimester Tests:

Routine Blood Tests

Rh Status

Anemia / Hemoglobin


Nuchal Translucency: (PAPP-A & FBHCG)


Second Trimester Tests:

Blood Tests

Glucose Screening Test

Prenatal Interpretive Screens:

(Dual, Triple & Quadruple Tests)



Third Trimester Tests:

Blood Tests

Glucose Tolerance Test


Urine Tests


Urinary Tract Infections (Group & Strep)


How to use the Pregnancy Wheel

1. Rotate the first arrow to the date that corresponds to the first day of your last period.

2. Your calculated date of delivery (baby's due date) will be at the date indicated bythe arrow at '40 weeks'.

Body Mass Index Tool