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MedLabs Laboratory Projects:

38 independent and 2 Hospital laboratories in Jordan (to-date)

Two Laboratories in Ramallah & Nablus, West Bank

One Laboratory in Khartoum, Sudan

Four Laboratories in Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok

MedLabs Non-Laboratory Projects:

One IVF Centre in Ramallah, West Bank

One Physiotherapy Centre in Amman, Jordan

Biochemistry & Immunology

Headed by Nashat Dahabreh PhD


Headed by Musleh Tarawneh MD, PhD

Scientific Departments


Headed by Layla Khatib MSc.

Genetics & Metabolic Disorders

Headed by George Sahyoun PhD


Headed by Asma Tarazi Harb MD


Headed by Musleh Tarawneh MD, PhD

                     Thaher Salman MD

                     Asem Sharaiha MD

Our Commitment to Quality

Management Departments