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Whole new fully-automated system for better patient outcome


Medlabs Consultancy Group, one of the largest networks of medical laboratories in the region accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), is now the first fully-automated reference laboratory in the Kingdom covering all phases of the testing process: pre-analytics, analytics, and post-analytics. Powered by Roche Diagnostics, these powerful diagnostics innovations will further enable Medlabs to deliver high-quality patient results in the shortest time possible and boost the capabilities of its operations which is considered a reference site for its network of more than 50 laboratories in Jordan, Palestine and North Iraq and over 150 laboratories including Jordan, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Pakistan.The greater efficiency of a fully connected and automated laboratory holds the promise of better patient outcomes as it enables timely clinical decisions upon receiving utmost accurate test results with speed, safety and reliability. Moreover, the...

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MedLabs open new branch in Marj Al Hamam


MedLabs the leading medical laboratory in the region proudly announces the launch of its newest branch in Marj Al Hamam, MedLabs Medical Laboratory, being the the second lab in Marj Al Hamam and the 42nd branch within the kingdom

MedLabs sponsoring Global Mentoring Walk 2018


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, MedLabs sponsored the Global Mentoring Walk 2018 held at KHBP on the 10th of March as the leading group of laboratories in the Middle East.

The Global Mentoring Walk convenes established women leaders and emerging women leaders to walk together in their community. As they walk, they discuss their professional challenges and successes to establish a mentoring relationship, in which the established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging leader.

Held on the same day in countries across the world, the Global Mentoring Walk unifies the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network.

The Global Mentoring Walk is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring. ...

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Elia Nuqul Foundation and MedLabs Laboratories sign a Partnership Agreement


Elia Nuqul Foundation signed a strategic partnership agreement with MedLabs Consultancy Group (MedLabs Laboratories) offering higher education scholarships for the Foundation’s undergraduate deserving scholars in the fields of Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Analysis.
This agreement aims to provide the local market with competent professionals in the fields of Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Analysis, a progressively increasing important field of studies contributing to the development of the medical sector in Jordan. This agreement also serves to express the commitment of the Elia Nuqul Foundation to expand and diversify the specialization of studies.

MedLabs Consultancy Group will also offer internships that will enable ENF scholars to gain practical experience, as this is aligned with ENF direction in providing opportunities for its scholars to work closely with professionals in the field to gain practical experienc...

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MedLabs open new branch in Abu Alanda


MedLabs the leading medical laboratory in the region proudly announces the launch of its newest branch in Abu Alanda, MedLabs Medical Laboratory, being the 41st branch within the kingdom.
MedLabs new laboratory offers services including the highest quality lab testing, exemplary patient care, insurance company coverage, house calls, preventive check-ups, medical pamphlets, and health awareness campaigns as provided in all its branches across Jordan, Palestine and Northern Iraq. MedLabs consistently implements the highest International standards of quality in laboratory medicine its Reference Laboratory being both CAP and ISO 15189 accredited.