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"Sehtak Bil Denia" Program

In todays busy world we recognize that making health your priority is not an easy task. However, with MedLabs' "Sehtak Bil Denia" initiative (Arabic for 'your health comes first') we hope to make it simpler and easier for you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. There are four aspects to the SBD program that have been designed to help you practice an important element of effective preventive medicine:

"Sehtak Bil Denia" Check-ups


Which include four groups of tests to check on your health and the health of your loved ones. These check-ups are carefully designed to highlight how 'well' the most important organs of your body are faring, and with each of the four check ups, more and more tests are added to get a more comprehensive picture of the status of your bodily functions.

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"Sehtak Bil Denia" Loyalty Program


When you perform any of the 8 check-ups you become eligible for a "Sehtak Bil Denia" RED loyalty card that offers you various benefits for checking on your health at MedLabs. Some of these benefits include free check-ups and discounts on future tests performed at any of our branches. Members of our loyalty program also enter a points system that allows them to reach SILVER and GOLD card levels, with each level offering more and more benefits. Finally, MedLabs' Sehtak Bil Denia program allows you to include your family members (husband/ wife and children) to your card as well.

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House Call Service


The first in the region on this scale. MedLabs can come to your house / office and collect your sample(s) for the check-ups or any other tests. Your results will be ready for you at your usual MedLabs laboratory or we will direct you to the nearest MedLabs lab to you. We can also send you your results to your email or you can access them via our website through the 'Test Results Log In' section.

Understanding your "Sehtak Bil Denia" Check-ups


Understand what the tests in your "Sehtak Bil Denia" check-up are and what your results mean with our simplified explanatory booklet available at all our branches and on-line.

"Sehtak Bil Denia" Gift Voucher


Ask about how you can give your loved ones the gift of health at any of our branches.