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Neonatal Screening

The addition of a newborn to a family is always a turning point in life. As soon as you become pregnant the health of your child becomes more important than anything else. For the best possible start in life, the first step begins with MedLabs' Newborn Screen – the only one of its kind in Jordan and overseen by an experienced and highly qualified specialist for result interpretations.

What Is Newborn (Neonatal) Screening?

A Newborn Screen is a simple test carried out during the first 14 days of a baby's life.  The test is designed to screen for various metabolic disorders that can be treated and managed effectively as a result of early detection.

How Are The Tests Carried Out?

The screening test itself requires nothing more than a couple of drops of blood from your baby's heel - a process that is carried out by a qualified nurse or health professional. The samples are then sent to the lab for testing.

Download Neonatal Screening Guide

Why Perform A Neonatal Screen?

Babies born with biological abnormalities screened for through this test appear normal at birth.  However, if an abnormality exists and is not detected and treated, the baby could suffer serious physical and mental defects and in some cases even death.  If the abnormality is detected early, these effects can be avoided and the child could go on to lead a relatively normal and healthy life.

What Happens If A Metabolic Disorder Is Discovered?

If a metabolic disorder is found, your baby's doctor should be informed immediately in order to give your baby the best possible chance of avoiding any health complications. The results of the test could also have further reaching significance for parents, as well as other blood relatives as the vast majority of tests screened for are genetically inherited.

What Metabolic Disorders Does The Test Screen For?

There are over 40 metabolic disorders that are screened for including: Amino Acid Disorders, Fatty Acid Disorders, Organic Acid Disorders and Others.  Many occur at a high enough frequency within the Arab population that they should be cause for concern and testing. For detailed information about these Metabolic Disorders, please download our Neonatal Screening Guide.

Does A Positive Test Result Always Mean Its Positive For The Disorder?

No, there are times, for example, when the baby is not developed enough, that a false-positive result may occur. This is why a second confirmatory sample is always taken to verify whether the result is truly positive (free of charge).

Newborn screening is a standard test performed on newborns in Europe and the USA where they realize that early detection can make the difference between a healthy child and one with severe illness in the future. Now that these tests are available in Jordan we too can manage any found disorders correctly from the start to help ensure the best outcome for our children.

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