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Established in 1993 as a Jordanian Limited Liability Company in the field of laboratory medicine, MedLabs Consultancy Group is a well-founded corporate institution based on Group Practice. Over the last 20 years we have become the region's fastest growing network of private stand-alone and hospital-based medical laboratories. MedLabs' core aim is to provide all physicians and their patients in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf access to exemplary medical laboratory services.


MedLabs  has its corporate offices in Amman, Jordan where a team of dedicated management staff ensures the efficient running of the company and alignment of all its services in the region.

Corporate Offices - Jordan

P.O. Box 830200 Amman, 11183, Jordan Tel: +9626-463-1525, Fax: +9626-463-1544

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Our Company Values

MedLabs' core values include quality, integrity, group practice, accountability, collaboration and leadership.

Our Customers

Our Services

At MedLabs  we're proud to serve a variety of customers with various services. At the center of our customer base are our patients – whether coming to us with a list of tests requested by a physician or on there own to perform a check-up as part of a preventive medicine plan. We also serve physicians, for whom the results of diagnostic laboratory testing directly impacts healthcare treatment decisions; other laboratories, hospitals, insurance and other contracted companies as well as pharmaceutical companies for whom we can conduct Bioavailability testing as per Jordanian FDA guidelines.

MedLabs  is the leading provider of diagnostic laboratory testing, including genetics, metabolic disorders and anatomic surgical pathology testing in the Jordanian private healthcare sector. Our service is offered through our network of over 38 local and regional patient-friendly laboratories, as well as through our call centre numbers through which we can send you a specialized team of highly trained medical technologists right to your door.

MedLabs  scope of services also includes Referral Services, Turnkey Project Services , Lab Management Services, Consulting Services and Training Services.



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